Beer 23 – Amber Ale

This is Northern Brewer’s Block Party Amber Ale 5 gallon extract kit. Planning to basically just follow the directions and have an easy brew day.

Brew Day (11/5/22)

Followed kit instructions.

Used ice bath instead of wort chiller – easier! Less volume means it cools quicker and since it will be mixed with cold water, the temp doesn’t have to go down as much. I’m excited about that.

Pitched Munton’s dry yet at 74F. 5 Gallons / OG 1.044

Bottling (11/19/2022)

Bottled with Corn Sugar dissolved in 2 cups boiling water

Tasting (December 2022, January 2023)

The beer has a nice clean, low alcohol taste with a bit of a sweet finish. It does not have any very pronounced flavors, and reminds me a bit of Newcastle Brown Ale.