Month: December 2015

  • Brewery Cost Analysis (per beer)



    Besides how incredibly fun and rewarding this hobby is, I’m in it for the cost savings too. I know when you buy about $20-something worth of ingredients and do a 5 gallon batch, you’re looking at about half a buck a beer. And this is for good beer. So I decided to do a spreadsheet (Google docs) and figure…

  • Brew 4 – Cincinnati Pale Ale – 5 gallon

    Brew 4 – Cincinnati Pale Ale – 5 gallon

    This is based on the recipe for newbies from John Palmer’s How to Brew book. I really do want to keep with the all-grain brewing that I did for my first three 1 gallon brews, but I don’t yet have the mash tun that I’m getting soon. I should probably do at least one with extract for the experience…

  • Beer #3 – 1 gallon IPA

    Beer #3 – 1 gallon IPA

    Brew Day (11/16/15) Brew in a bag Based on NB Dead Ringer IPA. 1 gallon – with final hops at flameout instead of dry hopping. Once again, I missed the target OG. Grain bill: 2.2 lbs 2-row 0.2 lbs caramel 40L Hops: 0.15 centennial at 60 min 0.2 centennial at 20 min 0.25 centennial at…

  • Brew #2 – 1 gallon IPA

    Brew #2 – 1 gallon IPA

    Or at least that’s how much I should’ve yielded. This was based on Northern Brewer’s Dead Ringer IPA and their instructions (mostly), scaled to 1 gallon and done with Brew in a Bag method. I did not even come close to the OG of 1.060 that I was supposed to. Brewed on 11/10/15. The one modification…

  • First Homebrew

    First Homebrew

    First Homebrew done with a Brooklyn Brewshop Everyday IPA kit I received as a gift. Brewed on Oct 6, 2015. Straight to all-grain! The ingredients were a tad expired and other mistakes were made. It was not very delicious. Graduating to 5 gallon batches soon.

  • humble man brewery logo



    A logo is in the works. Here’s take one: