Brew #15 – IPA with year 2 homegrown hops

I got a lot more hops than I did on year 1:

  • 8.8 oz Cascade
  • .65 oz Centennial

Although the Centennial is still not much. I decided to do a wet-hop brew using entirely my homegrown hops. They were harvested only a couple hours before using. The portion that will be used for dry hopping is air drying in a colander, spread out into a single layer as much as possible. I’m turning them occasionally too.


I didn’t end up doing the dry hop… I didn’t like the way the rest of the Cascade smelled after a few days (grassy) and decided not to risk what was tasting like a good beer

Brew Day (8/13)

  • Was aiming for 152F on the mash; hit 150. I should have a lighter-bodied beer. At end of mash, it was at 149F.
  • Fly-sparged with about 4.5 gallons of 168F water.
  • cooled to 70F and pitched dry yeast
  • OG: 1.060

Secondary (8/20/17)

Racked to secondary on 8/20. Gravity = 1.011. Tastes good! Very cloudy.

Bottling (8/29/17)


Bottled with 4.5 oz table sugar dissolved in 2 cups boiling water. FG: 1.007 (ABV 7%) Yielded 45 bottles

Tasting (October, 2017)

This beer is tasting better as it ages. It has a nice fruitiness to the finish. Probably not one of my better IPAs, but I like it.