Brew #16 – Lefse Blonde (Northern Brewer AG kit)

Brew Day (8/20/17)


Did not use ph 5.2 stabilizer

hit 150-151 F on mash in @ exactly 12 noon

mashout water was around 203F instead of the 206F Beersmith calculated. At the end of the 10-min mashout, the mash was 163F, so this is lower than instructions said.

Wort cooled to 69F and pitched dry yeast. OG: 1.064

Entire basement smelled like sulfur about two days in! But it faded after a day or so. Airlock still smells that way (kind of like a lager)

Secondary (8/30/17)

Racked to secondary. Tastes great!

Bottling (9/13/17)

FG: 1.009 (ABV 7.2%). Yielded 42 bottles

Tasting (October, 2017)

This has a nice, almost lager taste to it. Pretty good.